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Welcome to Northwest Arkansas’ hub for all

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This is Northwest Arkansas' recycling homepage, where you’ll find what and how you can recycle wherever you live, work and play. You also can learn more about the work local recyclers, cities and others are doing every day to build a more successful NWA recycling system.

With two solid waste districts, dozens of cities and even more recycling methods, navigating NWA’s services can be a challenge. The rules often vary depending on the city and even the street. When is that drop-off center open? Should I put this plastic in my curbside cart? Do I get a cart at all? By using this site, you can answer questions like these and make sure your recycling goes where it’s needed. 

Keep the cycle going

We are here to help. To guide you through effective NWA recycling, we’ve compiled the following information and resources.

How do I recycle?

Find recycling services in your area and learn what materials you can recycle there.

Why should I recycle?

Take an active role in your community and work with others for a more sustainable region.


Recycling studies, reports, guides and toolkits for business and community groups

NWA Recycles is a joint effort by the Northwest Arkansas Council and the Benton County and Boston Mountain solid waste districts to better coordinate and improve local recycling services.

Together we’re on a path toward fostering a circular NWA economy – one that reuses more materials and products instead of sending them down a straight line from sale to landfill. A circular economy can sustain new jobs, save limited landfill space, conserve natural resources and bring other benefits throughout our region. 

You can find out more about how this project got started on our Resources page. Check back for updates including a regional recycling vision later in 2021 and annual regional recycling reports starting in spring 2022.

Want to reach us?

Find us on social media, and contact the Northwest Arkansas Council recycling program manager with the form below.

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