Interested in recycling at your school, community group or business? This website can help get you started; click on your city on the “How do I recycle?” page for a rundown of your community’s programs. More detailed toolkits are coming soon. 

For in-person assistance, you can also reach out to your solid waste district (look right on desktop or below on mobile for their contact information). They oversee waste hauling in their territory and help connect people with a variety of recycling programs and resources like bins or trailers.


Your waste hauler and companies such as Marck Recycling in Rogers, TRG Fayetteville, Food Loops and Food Recycling Solutions may be able to provide some form of recycling for a variety of materials; contact them to learn more.

The solid waste districts provide free, no-obligation business waste audits to give a rundown of what you throw away and suggest how you could recycle more of it. Sometimes recycling can reduce your overall waste hauling needs and lower your bills.

In the private sector, some haulers and companies such as Food Loops offer similar audits.

City officials

The waste districts and NWA Recycles are working together to help you handle waste hauling contracts and other municipal concerns. Reach out with questions, and check here for related resources soon.

Benton County Solid Waste District

Call 479-795-0751

Boston Mountain Solid Waste District: Washington & Madison counties

Call 479-846-3005

Fayetteville residents:

Your city also has a staff of community educators who will help you start recycling. Give them a call at 479-575-8398.

Project Foundation

The Northwest Arkansas Council made recycling one of its priorities in the 2018 Greater Northwest Arkansas Development Strategy.

That prioritization led to a study entitled Creating Circular Economies in Northwest Arkansas, which The Sustainability Consortium developed for the Council in 2020. That report describes the recycling systems that have already been built and where the region could go next.

The Sustainability Consortium’s work included a report Measuring the Economic Impact of Circular Material Flow in Northwest Arkansas from the University of Arkansas Center for Economic and Business Research. This estimates jobs, income and tax revenue resulting from more local collection and use of recyclables.

The Northwest Arkansas Council and Boston Mountain Solid Waste District also commissioned a study into the region’s recycling that also lays out several scenarios for where our cities, waste districts and other recycling programs can go in the next several years. MSW Consultants and Kessler Consultants released it in May 2021.

Annual Reports

Check back on this page starting in early 2022 for annual Northwest Arkansas recycling reports that will compile data from the region’s recycling programs for the first time.