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The city of Fayetteville is considering a curbside pickup program for composting food waste, and it wants to hear residents’ thoughts.

For the next month or two, the city is asking residents to fill out a brief online survey about their composting behaviors and willingness to pay for the curbside service, among other details.

Fayetteville more than six years ago set a goal to divert 40% of its waste from the landfill by 2027. Diverting kitchen scraps and other food waste alone would represent about half of that 40% goal, which is why the city has built a commercial pickup program, serving restaurants, the University of Arkansas and other establishments, as well as several drop-off points and free bucket giveaways for everyone else. All of this food gets mixed with the city’s yard waste at its composting facility in the southeast corner of town, the only one of its kind in the region.

Despite these and other recycling efforts, Fayetteville has struggled to crack 20% diversion in the years since setting its goal.┬áNow the city’s waste program is looking at going further on food waste by picking it up from houses just like it collects trash, yard waste and recyclables.

Do you live in Fayetteville and have an opinion about that idea? Here’s the link again to the survey.