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The Boston Mountain Solid Waste District is accepting applications for grants of up to $500 to help schools, community groups and nonprofits recycle more and throw away less.

The money can cover costs like printing educational materials, installing fountains for reusable bottles or buying bins for recycling stations and composting projects. If obstacles like these are holding back your school or organization’s ideas for a waste-reduction program, these grants could help clear the way.

The waste district stretches over Washington and Madison counties, so applicants need to be in one or both of those counties. Here’s a rundown of the rest of the rules and other information, and here’s the application form. Email applications to recycle@bmswd.com by Nov. 2.

Arkansas waste districts each year also give larger grants to bolster city and county recycling programs that need specialized staff and expensive equipment. This year’s applications are already closed for Boston Mountain, but you can learn more about the applicants and keep an eye on next year’s schedule on the district’s website.