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Whether it’s a family party, a region-wide festival or anything in between, almost every event creates waste — along with the opportunity to reduce or recycle it.

Putting together your own recycling system can seem daunting, which is why NWA Recycles has created a recycling toolkit that organizers can adapt to events of just about any type or size. This toolkit includes everything an event organizer needs to get started on conserving natural resources and supporting local recycling programs and jobs:

  • A straightforward checklist.
  • Useful tips and advice.
  • Contact information for helpful organizations.
  • Printable signs for your recycle bins and receptacles.
  • And a guide to drop-off recycling centers if needed after the event.

Check out the toolkit for yourself.

Everything takes practice, so don’t worry about doing a perfect job from the get-go. This toolkit provides skills and tools that you can reuse and hone again and again.

For an example of what you can accomplish taking steps like these, just look at the recent 2022 Walmart UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships in Fayetteville. The city and Food Loops worked together to collect more than 7 tons of cans, bottles and compostable waste from thousands of attendees. Because of organizers’ efforts, in other words, the majority of a major international event’s trash will be recycled and reused rather than landfilled. And it was done using the same kinds of methods that you can bring to your own get-togethers with this guide.

Our thanks go to the multiple organizations whose expertise and other assistance helped develop this toolkit, including the Benton County and Boston Mountain solid waste districts, the city of Fayetteville, Food Loops, Pack Rat Outdoor Center, The Recycling Partnership and the University of Arkansas. Thanks of course also go to Walmart, whose support led to NWA Recycles’ creation last year with the goal of improving and expanding recycling throughout Northwest Arkansas.

If you know of a business or group that should be included as a resource in this guide — including your own! — let us know with the Contact form on our homepage.