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Everyone knows about reduce, reuse and recycle, but logistical challenges and other barriers often stand in the way of making these concepts part of our daily lives. People could collect a given waste material, but what do they do with it next? Who will use it? How will it get to them? And how can people and businesses separate the material from their trash in the first place?

Fortunately, entrepreneurs are a powerful tool to find the unmet needs and untapped opportunities in the things people throw away. That’s why NWA Recycles is hosting a free, three-part public event this spring at the Botanical Garden of the Ozarks to spotlight entrepreneurship’s role in waste and recycling challenges. The event will spotlight local startups and include a pitch contest for up-and-coming entrepreneurs to compete for up to $4,000 in prizes.

The event will include lunch and a keynote talk by Andrew Dent, executive vice president at the global materials library and consultancy Material ConneXion, whose work has been featured in a TED Talk and on NPR. Are you an entrepreneur looking for a sustainable idea, an investor looking for recycling businesses to support, or just someone interested in learning more? We hope see you there.

Schedule of events

How to attend

Register for the event online, or apply for the pitch contest by April 5, 2023.