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More recycling news out of Walmart, this time about electronic waste.

The retailer this week said it’s now offering a mail-in e-waste rebate program that can pay customers to recycle their old cell phones, laptops and other eligible gadgets. You simply go online, plug in the details of your item and its condition, print a free shipping label and mail it in for appraisal.

The rebate can be anywhere from a few dollars to a few hundred, depending on the item and its condition. On top of that, electronics in good condition can be refurbished and resold, and those in bad condition can be recycled for the various metals and other materials they contain. Either way, that’s saving energy and natural resources and preventing toxic pollution, fire risks and other hazards.

Walmart’s new program is just one of many ways to recycle e-waste in Northwest Arkansas. You can also drop off e-waste at the region’s solid waste districts and other locations throughout the region listed in this guide. Last year local programs diverted more than 200 tons of e-waste from the landfill.

Find more information on the Walmart program on the retailer’s website.